It’s All About the Numbers

Ever wonder how many tweets are sent worldwide each day? Or maybe how many gallons of milk Americans drink? And, who doesn’t want to know how many days are left until the end of the U.S. oil reserves?

Many things plague our minds. Let me be the one to overload your already cluttered, frazzled brains with a cornucopia of arbitrary statistics. It’s all the stuff you don’t care to know and never thought about until this moment. You’re welcome!

A little disclaimer to nip the drama before the first act even begins: All statistics are approximate and were obtained just before the time of this posting. Clearly, they will have slightly changed by the time you read this, especially the daily ones. Please visit USA Right Now and Worldometers for up-to-the-second data.

I would like to take a moment to say that I am thankful for what I have in life. While some of the numbers are meant to be entertaining, others are serious issues that trouble far too many people in our world and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Numbers We Mostly Like

880  million ♠ Blog posts written this year, worldwide

255 million ♠ Tweets sent today, worldwide

100 trillion ♠ Emails sent this year, worldwide

168  million ♠ Facebook users in the U.S.

1.5  billion ♠ Books sold this year, in the U.S.

884 million ♠ Books checked out this year from U.S. public libraries

That many blog posts is mind-boggling and quite overwhelming when thinking about the amount of competition out there. And I had no idea so many books were published this year. Those library check-outs are cutting into the publishing sales numbers, but I still love the library.

50 million ♠ Gallons of milk consumed today, in the U.S.

203 million ♠ Cans of Coca-Cola consumed today, in the U.S.

284 million ♠ Guns owned by Americans

Obviously, we Americans love our Coke and guns more than milk.

7.1 billion ♠ Current world population (Wow!)

The U.S. is the third largest country in the world based on population. China and India surpass the U.S. in population by nearly 1 billion people for each.

Numbers that Mostly Sadden

666 thousand ♠ Homeless people in the U.S.

31 hundred ♠ Foreclosures today, in the U.S.

More than half a million people in our country are homeless and over 3,000 people were kicked out of their homes today, and the big headline news is the announcement of the new Dr. Who, A-Rod’s suspension and how we’re going to survive the CBS blackout. Oh no!!!!

$78 (dollars) ♠ Pay per day of an average employee, in the U.S.

$49 thousand ♠ Personal debt per U.S. citizen

Can most people survive on $77 dollars a day? If your debt is $49,000, a salary of just over $20,000 annually isn’t going to make much of a dent in that personal debt.

2,923 days ♠ To the end of U.S. oil reserves

We should be more concerned about this? Codependency is not a healthy thing. Do you think we can believe this statistic?

6.6 million ♠ People who died of hunger this year, worldwide

$100 million ♠ Amount spent on food that was tossed into the trash today, in the U.S.

773 million ♠ People with no source of safe drinking water, worldwide

If these numbers don’t startle you, I can’t imagine what would. We should all think about these 780 million people the next time we throw out perfectly good food and pour that filtered water down the drain. I’m as guilty of being wasteful as anyone.

$237 billion ♠ Spent on illegal drugs this year, worldwide

3.2 trillion ♠ Cigarettes smoked this year, worldwide

These numbers are astronomical. Sadly, we are a world full of addicts. My addiction is caffeine. Not nearly as detrimental as cigarettes and most illegal drugs, but still an addiction. Can you imagine how horrible it would be if there was a caffeine prohibition?

Not enough numbers for you? Here’s an interesting infographic I found on Qmee, on What happens online in 60 seconds. Apparently, a lot.


Online in 60 Seconds is an infographic that was produced by Qmee.


6 thoughts on “It’s All About the Numbers

  1. I find it hard to believe there aren’t more homeless people especially if Hawaii is looking to ship them back to the mainland. And who in the hell is drinking all that Coke? ICK!!

    • The site doesn’t say if the numbers include the outlying states and territories. Probably just the mainland U.S., but more than half a million homeless is still a lot of people. It’s very sad. I don’t know who’s drinking all that sugar coke. Maybe it includes diet too.

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