Split Witness: A Short Story

I wrote this short story based on a photo prompt from VisDare 32: Undecided

VisDare 32 Prompt PhotoPhoto Source

Split Witness

“I told you to let me handle this,” I hissed.

“You need me,” I replied.

I snapped back angrily, “You promised me you wouldn’t interfere again. They’ll think we’re mad.”

“Too late,” I replied with a derisive laugh.

The courtroom was silent as I argued with my malignant alter ego. Realizing my mistake, I looked over to the judge through the water glass on the edge of his bench. Perched above me, he appeared to be split in half, just as I must have appeared, and sounded, to him.

I scanned the courtroom, studied the puzzled jurors and shocked spectators in the gallery. Their eyes judged and pitied.

Uncomfortable in the witness stand, I fidgeted, plucked imaginary lint from my suit jacket and recited to the expectant court officer, “We both promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”


10 thoughts on “Split Witness: A Short Story

    • Did your alter ego comment? 🙂 I woke up at 4:00am this morning and wrote that story in my mind after I saw the photo before bed. I do some of my best writing in the middle of the night. Sleep avoids me sometimes.

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