The Glamorous Three: A Short Story

I skimmed by with 149 words on this week’s VisDare 33: Indifferent photo prompt. The max was 150. Enjoy the story based on this glamorous photo!

IndifferentPhoto Source

The Glamorous Three

He froze when he rounded the corner of the department store. His mannequins stood in the middle of the avenue in a stance of indifference. Rain pelted their multi-colored parasols, dripped from the edges and spoiled their once flawlessly coiffed hair. They had ruined his window display.

He approached his beauties and asked, “Why did you do this? Have I angered you?”

They didn’t move, their faces impassive. He waited.

Ingrid gave in first, “You made us look matronly. We want sophisticated. Hollywood glamorous.”

Facing forward, Hedy pouted, “We’re better than those frumpy housecoats and slippers you put on us.”

“We’re making a statement. Plain Janes in the rain with a sexy secret underneath,” sultry Elizabeth exclaimed.

A crowd gathered. He realized their conversation seemed disturbing.

He scooped them up by their stiff waists, dashed to the front door and said, “We’ll discuss this inside, ladies. You’re embarrassing yourselves.”


20 thoughts on “The Glamorous Three: A Short Story

  1. Oh no, it’s not the mannequin’s who are embarrassing themselves; it’s him who will look like he’s talking to himself 😉

    • Thanks! Mannequins make interesting subjects. The three women in the photo aren’t mannequins, but I thought they were mannequin-like. I find them to be a little creepy. I like to imagine them having conversations when no one is around. 😉

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