The Black Sheep Wears White: A Short Story

VisDareSheepShe was a blonde of magical proportions. A legendary bombshell who defied gravity and broke hearts. The moment she bounced into the reception, lust radiated from her glowing skin, her sensuous, crimson lips and her wedding-white slip dress. An imagination wasn’t necessary.

The quieting of the crowd and the eager look in the male guests’ eyes signaled the bride’s black sheep sister had arrived, uninvited. She made her rounds and charmed a captivated audience. She swigged champagne, dirty danced with anyone who would oblige and performed a modest striptease on the luxuriously adorned tables, while the portrait of a pompous monarch looked on with disdain.

She made a mockery of the wedding and of her sheepish sister. And when the night had ended, she fearlessly sauntered off attached to the groom’s dishonorable arm, clutching her sister’s shattered heart.

This baaaad sister short story brought to you by Visdare 34: Fearless photo prompt. This subject was a tough one to crack, especially in under 150 words.

The photo is from a fascinating collection by Justin Dingwall that you can find here. At first, I thought the photo was bizarre, but after I looked at the other photos in the collection, I like the quirky sheep.


16 thoughts on “The Black Sheep Wears White: A Short Story

  1. They definitely should have eloped. No… on second thoughts, the ‘sheepish’ sister is well rid of that cad of a groom. You captured the black sheep, I mean the baaaad sister beautifully.

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