Phantom of Light: A Short Story

You linger. You lurk. You loiter.

Day after day, as the sun ascends, you appear to passersby.

Dark. Shifty. Mysterious.

They watch you. Walk over you. Wonder about you. Your ephemeral manifestation only intensifies their bewilderment.

The sun descends unhurriedly as you shapeshift, elongate, transform, until the light evaporates into the horizon.

In the darkness, you slip away.

This was a difficult photo prompt, Visdare 35: Ephemeral. I was unsure how to define my writing, as a short story or poem. It’s sort of a combination of both. Since I’m not much of a poet, I went with short story. I seem to be in a bit of a creative slump this week, so don’t judge me too harshly.


10 thoughts on “Phantom of Light: A Short Story

  1. Very poetic and creative! Having studied the picture, I believe you are referring to a shadow. Although, with your prose, one can conjure up something more sinister!

  2. Lisa your dad & I look forward to your writing ……we liked this story of “shadows” right?It does not seem like you are in too much of a creative slump to us…just keep on keeping are doing god girl!!!

  3. I don’t see any hint of a creative slump at all! I thought this was haunting. And sometimes, when we find the muse particularly hard to pin down, we produce some of our best works. Good things generally don’t come easy. A lovely piece.

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