The Assignment: A Short Story

Her first assignment for the allies proved to be a balancing act between what was morally right and emotionally gratifying. It could not be both.

Just hours before, she had delved into his smoldering eyes, lost her sense of propriety, pilfered his secrets. She used her most lethal weapon to extract his knowledge. He confirmed his fallibility at the hands of her beautiful subterfuge.

He implored her to defect to the tyrannical side, to be his traitor. She momentarily faltered, nearly gave in to his poignant charm. In the end, he walked away with an arrow of regret rooted deep in his heart, and she was left with the uncertainty of which side she truly personified.

This story prompted by Visual Dare (Visdare) 36: Implore over at Anonymous Legacy. If you would like to try your hand at VisDare or read some of the other contributions, click on the icon below. And don’t forget to thank Angela for coming up with these weekly challenges.

Anonymous Legacy


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