Festival of Flowers: Hibiscus

A burgeoning hibiscus bud unfurls overnight into a beauty…

For this week’s Festival of Flowers, I chose the lovely state flower of Hawaii and the national flower of South Korea, Republic of Haiti and Malaysia.

With over 10,000 species, it is not only extraordinarily beautiful, it’s edible, practical and medicinal. Some hibiscus species are used in herbal teas, as a vegetable, as a natural alternative for food coloring and for paper-making. It’s also said to be a natural diuretic and may help lower blood pressure. [source]

I took the bud photos in the evening and the opened flower the next morning. I don’t know the exact species of my hibiscus, so I probably won’t eat or drink it. I’ll just enjoy watching it grow.

You can check out the other contributions and link up here: Festival of Flowers: Week 13. Be sure and thank Jackie for sponsoring this flowery weekly challenge.


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