Festival of Flowers: Canna Lily

An untamed canna lily infiltrates the garden…

This fiery canna lily (though it’s not a true lily) popped up along the fence, an escapee from the neighbor’s yard. Although the placement is very haphazard, I don’t have the heart to remove it. The flowers are far too beautiful.

I find the fruit charming. The outside is covered in a spiky pulp that turns a purplish brown as it ripens. I took a photo of the green fruit split open with the seeds exposed. They will eventually turn black. The seeds are sometimes used as beads in jewelry and, in Zimbabwe, they’re used in gourd rattles, called Hosho.

Canna plants are quite the robust over-achiever. The smoke from burning Canna leaves is said to have insecticidal qualities. Maybe I should try burning them to ward off those pesky bugs that love me so much. The plants also have a high tolerance to contaminants, so they’re used to extract pollutants in wetland environments. [source]

Click here, Festival of Flowers: Week 14, if you would like to share a flower photo or even if you just want to see some of the other spectacular blossoms for this week. Time is running out for this year. The Festival goes on a seasonal hiatus in only 12 more days, September 27th.


7 thoughts on “Festival of Flowers: Canna Lily

  1. What an beautiful flower! I don’t blame you for leaving it. The information on it is very interesting. I had no idea they had fruit. Thanks so much for sharing this and for participating again this week. 😀

    • Thanks, Jackie! We have several different Canna lilies growing on both sides of the house. Each neighbor has a different one that is moving in on our territory through the fence. But I’m not complaining. They’re like good weeds. 🙂

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