The Hand of Liberation: A Short Story

Brutal waves conspired to drive them back to the even more violent shores of their war-torn island. Escape from the abusive regime that exploited them was a potent motivator to conquer the surf. Death at the white-capped hands of the sea was a more appealing and honorable fate than turning back.

János gave chase to his younger brother, Laszlo. A weak swimmer, he struggled against the current, but he had to stay strong. A better life awaited them.

As they neared the end of the wharf, their liberator bobbed only a few feet out in open water; a small watercraft that would deliver them to freedom. Just a couple more exhausting strokes and their fingers touched sovereignty.

A helping hand reached out and pulled them to safety. As they rested on the deck, breathless but exultant, their eyes locked on the fiendish face of the dictator’s minion and his gun.

This woebegone tale was written for the VisDare 38: Chase photo prompt. The rules of the challenge are to write a 150-word or less story based on the photo and include the word CHASE. Be sure to check out the other entries.

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