Festival of Flowers: Colorful Weeds

A wild flower, a weed blossom, a menacing bloom…

Purple Weed

No matter how you feel about a weed, there is no denying that some of them are as pretty as their cultivated and coveted counterparts, especially these little hidden gems. You just have to get down to their level and look close. There is beauty in everything.

These poor little weeds. They’re basically thought of as the plant black plague. The trash flower of the neighborhood. Scattered around the yard like discarded appliances, furniture and rusty cars left for dead. What’s that? You say you don’t live in the neighborhood of misfit yard junk? Well, you get my drift. We cringe when we see them, ostracize them from the community and hope they might magically disappear without intervention.

Daisy-like Weed

Well, I like to think we are all weeds trying to push through the impenetrable lawn of life. Trying to avoid getting uprooted or smashed under the heavy hand of the bureaucratic gardener. Hoping someday to become an accepted member of society and be loved. I know, a little corny, but I said it anyway.

Now, with that, I am off to eradicate weeds. They’re taking over my yard like zombies in a post-apocalyptic world. You know, the fast zombies, not those lethargic ones. Call me hypocritical, but I gave them a temporary home, and they’ve overstayed their welcome. They are memorialized in photographs for all the world to enjoy. So I hope you enjoyed them.

This is Festival of Flowers: Week 15.

I would like to thank Jackie for sponsoring the Festival of Flowers this summer. This is the last week to participate until next March, so visit her website to join or just admire all the other lovely flowers.


10 thoughts on “Festival of Flowers: Colorful Weeds

  1. I love this post! Weeds are so unappreciated. Thanks so much for participating in the challenge – I’ve enjoyed your posts immensely. It’s my pleasure to sponsor this challenge – I love seeing all the pretty flowers with interesting information and quotes. I hope you will be joining me again in March. 😀

  2. I love flowering weeds – they are flowers to me and they get to stay in the yard. The other ones? They die! (It helps that we live in a forest-type area without manicured lawns, so it doesn’t look like our yard is unkept and out of place.)

  3. What a great way to pay tribute to these beautiful ‘weedy’ flowers. I also love admiring them in my yard and taking photo’s before I pull them out. In some way I feel sorry for them. Great shots and thanks for sharing. 😀

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