Flashy Tales of Deceit and Innuendo

I wrote a few flashy little tales for those of you with a super-short attention span. Or for those who just like a quick punch in as few words as possible. All flashes are 25 words or less.


The needle punctured her flesh, plunged the poison with ease. The scalpel sliced her skin with precision. Her new face erased 20 years.


You savor his handsome face from across the bar. His smile is delicious. You decide this one will lose his head over you.

Keeps on Giving

He gave her the gift of a lifetime. The doctor assured her it was treatable.

The Ride

He had a crush on her. She was flattered. They took a leisurely ride in his car. She didn’t complain about the uncomfortable trunk.

The Day of Rest

She sinned on Saturday. Prayed on Sunday. God answered, “It’s my day off. Call back tomorrow.”


Clothes discarded. Heat radiated. Wet. Vibration. Gyration. The spin cycle is climatic.

The Final Surge

I am dying. My final moments tick away. The life leaks from me as the remaining 1% of my battery powers me down.


10 thoughts on “Flashy Tales of Deceit and Innuendo

  1. Answer
    words that hold great power, expressed so elegantly, a sense of satire, erotic in places, sadness is contagious, very much enjoyed, thank you.(23)

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