The Lady and the Lamp

Oblivious to the police officer, the woman gazed at nothing as she clutched the giant lamp.

“Ma’am, what’s your name?” the officer asked. “You’ve been riding the subway all day. Do you need help?”

He touched her arm. She felt stiff, cold. Instinctively, he jerked away.

A nearby passenger, horrified, scurried off to the other end of the car. The others took notice.

The officer reassured, “Everything’s fine. Please remain seated.” His statement ignited a flurry of panic as they stumbled over each other to get to the exits.

He felt for a pulse in her neck. Nothing.

The subway screeched to an abrupt stop. The woman’s head toppled to the floor and rolled to the huddled passengers. Collective shrieks were followed by sighs of relief as the officer picked up the severed head and said, “Calm down! It’s just a rubber mannequin. Someone’s idea of a Halloween joke.”

This story was written for Anonymous Legacy’s Visdare 40: Oblivious photo prompt. Just a little warning, October will be the month of sheer creepiness and trickery in all my stories. I’m starting off mild with this one, due to the 150 word limit.


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