Trifextra Week Eighty-Eight: Decay

Dripping decay and the remnants of the flesh he had consumed, Zee stumbled from the swampy muck and exclaimed, “Damn! I would’ve gotten away with it if it weren’t for those meddling kids!”

Trifextra Week 88

Artist credit: Dan Duford
Photo Source

This 33-word story was written for the Trifextra Week Eighty-Eight prompt. I have to credit the always entertaining Scooby-Doo for that well known last line. I just couldn’t resist using a slightly varied version of it with this photo. The photo comes from


25 thoughts on “Trifextra Week Eighty-Eight: Decay

  1. I recognized the last line before I read your credit. I’ve watched like every episode of Scooby Doo…both when I was a kid, and with my kids because they like the show. (Funny, when I watch them now, it’s all new to me :))

  2. SCOOBY!!! oh Yes, he is exactly the person to meddle in the life of this zombie. What a great , creative idea!

    do you think cupcakes count as Scooby Snacks??? 😉


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