Trifecta Week Ninety-Nine: The Halloween Party

In a boozy haze, she lifted her leaden, aching body from the kitchen floor and focused on the havoc that surrounded her. Flashbacks of a wild pre-Halloween party, a disturbing bacchanal rife with numbing spirits, lavish feasting, and unspeakable butchery, plagued her mind. What had she done?

She stood on wobbly legs and harshly rubbed her eyes. Bodies and empty booze bottles, parts and pieces, littered every kitchen surface. The gore was strewn and smeared like graffiti painting the room.

Horrified, she screamed, “Wake up, you lushes! Whose idea was it to drunk carve all these pumpkins last night?”

This 99-word story was based on the word, Bacchanal (the first definition) from page 99 of the Oxford English Dictionary.

Oxford Dictionary Pg99

This week is Trifecta Week Ninety-Nine, a very special week for the writing challenge. They’re looking for at least 99 entries from all the Trifecta writers. So get on over to their website and join the challenge. One lucky Trifectan will be chosen at random to win a $99 gift card to or to a local, independent book store of their choice.


70 thoughts on “Trifecta Week Ninety-Nine: The Halloween Party

  1. I’m thinking pumpkin carving is definitely not something you want to do when you’re drunk. I barely want to do it when I’m sober.

  2. Sounds like Halloween at our house. Well, the pumpkin guts, anyway. Never let a 4-year-old play with the pumpkin-scraping-spoon. On second thought, the booze would help during clean-up… 🙂

  3. Have to admit, I did a double-take when I read the word, “butchery” and, from there, i was expecting the worst in terms of violence. Happy to read that, in the end, only pumpkins suffered in the making of your story. 🙂 Very well-structured piece of writing.

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