Five Flashy Tales of Terror

Don’t look under the bed. Lock the door to the cellar. Did you hear that noise? I think I saw something out there. I swear the butcher knife was right there a second ago. The call is coming from inside the house! It’s alive!

It’s a month-long October terrorfest over here. Enjoy these five flashy tales of terror in honor of Halloween and for those of you with a lack of literary focus. All stories are 25 words or less.

The Kiss

The passionate kiss made her tingle. Their first date lasted until dawn. He left her drained.


Buried alive in the suffocating darkness, he frantically clawed at the coffin lid. Something clawed back.

You are Served

She stirred the cauldron of boiling goulash; removed the fingernails and eyeballs. Yesterday’s dinner guests were hearty. Tonight’s unsuspecting guests ate with gusto.

Rest in Peace

The raven perched atop the tombstone, cawed at the full moon. A disembodied voice replied, “Quiet! You’ll wake the dead.”


She painted his pain in pulsating scarlet and decaying rust. Fingers caressed canvas. Created perfect strokes. She discarded his other parts.


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