Trifextra Week 93: The Good Hider, Part II

For the last Trifecta writing challenge, I wrote a flash fiction piece, The Good Hider, that ended on a bit of a horrifying note. Readers expressed worry over the fate of my young character, Karni. So, I’ve written a 33-word Part II for Trifextra Week Ninety-Three. The challenge this weekend:

“Buddhist cosmology tells of Trāyastriṃśa, or the Heaven of Thirty-Three gods, which rule over the human realm. This weekend we’re asking for exactly 33 of your own words about a god of your own devising that shares heaven with the other thirty-two gods. Make it yours and have fun with it.”

If you haven’t read the first part of my story, you can find it here: The Good Hider, Part I.

The Good Hider, Part II

Feverish dreams burdened Karni. A feminine spirit, human-like with diaphanous wings, whispered, “Sleep, child.” Her wings combusted. Flames devoured Karni.

Her eyes opened. She pounded on the trunk, “I don’t wanna win, Lucy!”

Did this not appease your fears? What will be Karni’s fate? Stay tuned for Part III…


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