Walk on By: A Friday Fictioneers Tale

Friday Fictioneers 11-15

Copyright – Kent Bonham

Countless women have walked this cobblestone alleyway. I am only one. We ignore the disparaging eyes of passersby who whisper cruel accusations. Who are they to judge that which they don’t want to understand?

They’re merely a lawful version of us, made so by a signed document. In the end, man or woman, we all accept some manner of payment for services rendered. Some call it love; we call it survival, a means to an end. Someday, perhaps it will be love.

But not today, as I meet the eye of a stranger in need who introduces himself as Jack.

This tale was written for Friday Fictioneers photo prompt. Don’t forget to check out the other entries here.


45 thoughts on “Walk on By: A Friday Fictioneers Tale

    • Sherry,

      No follow-up story. Maybe you were thinking about the comment saying she could be the character in another writer’s story. Her story was about “Jack (the Ripper) character from his point of view. But the stories are not related.

  1. Even without the ‘Jack’ it works as a story. Jack just adds another twist. It’s sophisticated, your tale. I like it a lot. There are many junctions leading to other ‘offs’. And things haven’t changed that much from Victorian times. Girls from ‘good’ families were ‘sold’ by their parents to boys from ‘good’ families as commodities. The selling still goes on, it’s just camouflaged in different ways! 🙂

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