A Taste of Florida’s Fall

Fading Bougainvillea Bract

Fading Bougainvillea Bract

Even though it’s still warm here on the Florida Gulf Coast, we have a few falling leaves. I took some close-ups to bring out the texture and color. From a distance they look like unremarkable dead leaves, but they’re really kind of amazing when you stop to look. This is about as “fall-ish” as we get.

Yellowing Polka Dot Plant Leaf

Yellowing Polka Dot Plant Leaf


4 thoughts on “A Taste of Florida’s Fall

  1. I was thinking about you this morning when I was outside checking my plants. What is flourishing in your yard? Interesting pics. I don’t know how you get such incredible close ups! Love to you and Dan. Candy

    • Hi Candy,
      Almost everything is flourishing here. It’s still in the 80s most days, but I suspect it will get cooler soon. I have a microscopic mode on my camera that takes unbelievable close-ups.
      Love to you and David too!

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