Fertile Ground: A Friday Fictioneers Tale

Friday Fictioneers 01-03

The gnarly tree sprouted from the earth with a colossal crack and pop heard for miles. Windows shattered. Foundations trembled. Townspeople stumbled from their snug beds and gawked at it with wonderment.

Fantastical rumors and speculation flowed unbridled throughout the valley. How had the tree grown so vast, so quickly? It was a marvel, a miracle of nature.

As the people rambled about the newborn spectacle, a dainty dog moseyed up to the knobby trunk, sniffed, squatted, and deposited her organic fertilizer. Instantly, the tree grew several more inches, and a collective sigh of understanding undulated through the crowd.

This is my first story of 2014. I decided to start off the year with something lighthearted and humorous instead of my usual doom and gloom. I thought the cute photo prompt of Rochelle’s daughter-in-law’s tree-climbing dog deserved something fairy tale-ish. If you would like to read the other 100 word stories for Friday Fictioneers, click here.


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