Greater Than a Pound of Flesh

“Mr. Rancher, you stand before me today for crimes against the society of Bovidae,” announced Judge Cowed. “You are charged with kidnapping, imprisoning, slaughtering and callously devouring the flesh of thousands of innocent citizens. How do you plead?”

With a mulish stance, Mr. Rancher replied, “Not guilty. I’ve committed no crime. I merely provided a service to my fellow humans. We must eat something, and you creatures are quite tasty.”

Grumbling undulated through the courtroom. Judge Cowed glowered at him and said, “After much scrutiny, the state denies your plea. The evidence is overwhelming. The jury has found you guilty of mass murder.”

The courtroom erupted in pandemonium. The judge smacked his gavel on the podium and called for order.

“Punishment is as follows: MacDonald Rancher, you are hereby sentenced to life in solitary confinement at the human felony farm. Now, Bailiff, put this coward out to pasture.”


VisDareThis story of strangeness was written for VisDare photo prompt over at Angela Goff’s new WordPress blog: Anonymous Legacy. Yes that’s right, VisDare has moved! Check out the prompt (click on the VisualDare badge) for yourself and read the other entries or write your own. Just a reminder, the rules are to write a story/poem of 150 words or less based on the photo and the weekly word prompt. This week’s word was Scrutiny.

10 thoughts on “Greater Than a Pound of Flesh

  1. Lisa, thanks for your awesome post “Greater Than a Pound of Flesh.” I will be featuring it Friday for #6IncredibleBlogsBeforeBreakfast.
    It wasn’t the wistful wittiness nor the flawless flow which inspired me to feature “Greater…” — rather, you captured a perspective which we can only fathom through imagination. If you write more pieces like this, I might just dedicate a separate blog to promoting you! 😀
    At any rate, thanks for a great read. As a fellow writer, I know a lot goes into the craft. It shows.

    • Thank you so much for the kind words. I appreciate the wonderful feedback. I’m so glad you liked my story enough to feature it, along with five others, on your blog. It means a lot to be recognized by a fellow writer. Also, thanks for the follow. I’ve followed your blog too. I look forward to seeing the post on Friday. 😀

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