The Truth is in the Wind

“I saw him again, Mom,” I said, breathless from my uphill dash. “I swear. Look! He gave …”

“Of course you did, Milton,” my mother interrupted, but her eye roll revealed her true feelings.

“You don’t believe me,” I whined. “You never do. Just forget it!”

Furious, I stomped outside to the rickety deck. Her resentment over Dad’s disappearance last year had found a fresh target, me. I unfolded the note and read it again.

Tell your mother I’m sorry. I love you. – Dad.

I released it into the wind and watched the truth float to the dense forest below.


Written for Friday Fictioneers photo prompt. Check out the other stories here.


42 thoughts on “The Truth is in the Wind

  1. Yowza! (A great name for a blog, btw 😉 ) this is kick ass, Lisa! Like Janet, I wanted to start singing Bog Dylan, or PPM. Everything about this is perfect. A complete story, but leaves me wanting more. Action, good dialogue, intrigue… love it!

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