My Afternoon Matinee

The afternoon matinee is the one place I can get away from life’s madness to contemplate nothing. I crave the thunderous sounds of the movie, drowning out the roar of my self-loathing thoughts. I don’t care about the plot; it’s the thrill of the darkness when the lights go down. It takes me away from my noxious mind. I ignore the characters and their inane conversations as they only serve to exasperate me. I close my eyes and enjoy the rush of just being, alone, adrift in my dispossessed world. No more pity or judgment.

But today I hear a steady beep-beep as it turns into a piercing, unbroken flat line. And the distant voices say…

“She’s unresponsive. We’ve lost her, Doctor.”

“I’ll call it. Time of death: 2:38 p.m. from a drug overdose.”

“Do we know her name?”

“Not yet. She’s homeless. Someone found her in the abandoned theater.”


VisDareI wrote this 149-word story for the VisDare photo prompt. Click on the badge to find out more about this writing challange. Read the other stories here.


6 thoughts on “My Afternoon Matinee

  1. “No more pity or judgment” – great line, with the truth not revealed until the end. Wonderful story. The first part could be any of us, and the last part is very sensitively done!

  2. Wow. This would have been a great entry by itself if you had followed the original trajectory of the opening lines; that ending was a great twist that I did NOT see coming. You submerged me into her mindset so well, I can almost feel her relief as she slips away in the last lines.

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