Discarded Leftovers

This week, Trifecta Writing asked us for exactly 33 of our own words about love gone wrong. The catch, we couldn’t use any of the following words: love, sad, tears, wept, heart, pain.

Here’s my 33-word tale:

Discarded Leftovers

Splotchy cheeks wet with anguish, droplets spatter my feet. Clenching the distended backpack of my life’s leftovers, wondering why she discarded me, I balk as the door opens to my next temporary family.


32 thoughts on “Discarded Leftovers

    • Oh, no! This is nothing like my life. It’s all fiction. I grew up with a wonderful mother and family. I seldom write using my own life as inspiration, which is good since a lot of my writing is sad and/or bizarre. Thanks for the compliment though. 🙂

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