Stick of Burning Love

Friday Fictioneers 02-14

Copyright – Janet Webb

With smudged black eyes and tear-etched cheeks, Elsie inhaled the corrosive nicotine, savoring the deep burn. She needed it, just one, a few drags to steady her trembling hands and frazzled thoughts. The four glasses of sangria she enjoyed earlier was an added bonus, an anesthetizing gift.

The marriage proposal had blindsided her. So unexpected, Elsie reeled from the notion that she could be such a fool. She flicked the smoldering cigarette into the trail of gasoline and watched it slither toward his house, the house he shared with his bride.

She hissed, “Best wishes for a life of fiery, all-consuming passion.”


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45 thoughts on “Stick of Burning Love

  1. As I read this over and over, it seemed like this was her reaction to being purposed TO rather than jilted. Personally, I would think THAT would make a better story because WHY would she want to destroy the man who loves her? Psychotic. Good yarn!

    • Thanks! The proposal that “blindsided” her was the one to the other woman, the one her boyfriend had been cheating with all along. That’s why she felt like a fool, the reason she was so angry and took revenge. She is psychotic.

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