My Soul Wept

Shoah – A Hebrew term for the Holocaust, meaning catastrophe.

I put a lot of emotion into my writing because I want the reader to experience and believe my stories, although they are ultimately fiction. While I wrote this piece with the Holocaust in the forefront of my mind, it is representative of a perpetual affliction of hate and intolerance that affects everyone in the world. I do not claim to know or understand the horror that any person experiences(ed) in wartime, in my story, I just tried to visualize it and write to the best of my ability. You can learn more about the Holocaust at USHMM.

For VisDare’s weekly photo prompt, I wrote what I felt, meeting the 150-word or less challenge in 136 words. You might notice I only used two extended sentences for a little extra drama and a sense of urgency. I’m sure I pushed the boundaries of proper sentence structure.


My Soul Wept

When I awoke beneath the rubble and desolation, and the patchy sunrays danced with the dust of the barrage of bullets, the torrent of bombs, and the slaughter of lives, my lungs gorged with terror, my eyes bloodshot with shock, my mind beleaguered by indignation, I crawled through the ruin – gravely wounded but oblivious – as the glass shards sliced and the splintered wood punctured, desecrating my skin until I became a graffitied canvas of persecution.

Through a yawning hole where once a grand entrance greeted the world, I emerged into pure madness; I stumbled into absolute atrocity and my soul wept at the deafening silence of the dead, of the innocent, and of the calamity – past, present, and that which would come – raining its malevolent venom and appalling ignorance under the guise of self-appointed superiority.

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6 thoughts on “My Soul Wept

  1. This one brought tears to my eyes…..I have like many others read a lot about the “Shoah” that a nation of Jewish people went through………they say Hitler had contracted syphilis and in that it had went to his brain making him “mad”……I am betting with this monster he probably was born with it…….good work Lisa..;)

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