Signs of Life

Friday Fictioneers 03-07

Photo Copyright – Danny Bowman

Researcher Daglar frantically chronicled our findings as I scanned the bleak terrain for life. So far nothing.

“Please note that vegetation is thin, perhaps inadequate to sustain intelligent life. This third planet from the sun may be unsuitable for our populace to inhabit. Quite disappointing. We have come so far.”

“Captain Bilone, I see movement on the ridge.”

I focused my magnispecs and gasped, “Daglar, there are three aliens, and they… they look like us; sizably smaller but bipedal, full body of dark hair, and big feet. They’re magnificent.”

“Excellent, sir! I will report our findings back to Planet Sasquatchian.”

I decided to do a silly and lighthearted 100-word tale this week for Friday Fictioneers photo prompt. All that dark writing I usually do takes a lot of energy. Check out the other stories by clicking on the link below:


54 thoughts on “Signs of Life

    • I like to throw in a little humor here and there. Of course, sometimes I think I’m being funny and other people don’t see it. There are a lot of sci-fi offerings this week, so far. Those can get a little dark and scary. I’m glad you enjoyed my story. Thanks, Janet.

    • LOL! You might be right. Planet Evan fits better for the feet, but you’d have to put a hair suit on him. You know he could walk around barefoot in the woods and fool the world with the footprints. Those people on Finding Bigfoot would investigate for The Big Muddy Monster. 😉

    • No, not being rude about a neighboring state. If anything, I would be rude about my own state (Florida) since there are so many scary people here. Every day on the news, another wacky story about a Floridian. Thanks for reading, Patrick.

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