Six Stories with Six Words: Circus

Welcome to the Big Top. Behold six, six-word tall tales of circus thrills, spills, kills, and more.

In other words, I wrote six little, six-word stories based on the word prompt CIRCUS, provided by Adam Ickes. Check it out for yourself. He gives you a choice of six words, you pick one, and write up to 10, 6-word stories based on that word. Read the other stories here:

And now for the main event…


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Tears of a Clown

Harsh whiskey masquerades his private pain.

A Feral Feast

The ravenous lions enjoy the locals.

The Bilateral Trapeze Artist

She likes to swing both ways.

Elephant in the Dressing Room

Practiced eyes ignored her aging truth.

A Brief High

He walked a thin line, once.

Proper Manipulation

Her juggling props: Ringmaster and Unicyclist.


28 thoughts on “Six Stories with Six Words: Circus

  1. Lisa these are stunning. Suddenly it occurred to me to give the stories titles. I know right? Duh… It makes everything fuller. I think you’re bilateral trapezist needs to write a personal ad for my group.

    • Ha! You’re right; Trapeze Artist sounds a little like your personal ads. I think the titles can explain a lot about the story since the word count is so limited, but I don’t think your stories need them. Thanks, Dana! 🙂

  2. I heard from a good friend to try to put your life’s hopes and dreams into six words. Having only six words makes you really have to focus on what is important. This post made me think when I came up with my six words. My six words were, “I am free, live life outside.”

    • That’s a good one, Rob! A fellow blogger just mentioned (in a comment above) Smith Magazine. They want six word memoirs about just such things. You should check out their website and think about submitting it. How’s your blog going?

  3. I loved all of these! I just did my first attempt at six-word stories, and it’s so bloody hard. Yours were catchy and full of imagery. I really felt like I was at the circus, watching the behind-the-scenes shenanigans and broken people. Lovely work!!

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