The Accident, Part 2: Everglades

This 100-word story is Part 2 of a story I wrote for the VisDare writing prompt. If you haven’t read Part 1 of The Accident, you can read it here:

The Accident, Part 1

Part 2 stands alone, but trust me when I say it’s much better with its counterpart, so please go read it first. When I saw the Friday Fictioneers photo prompt, I knew this had to be a continuation.

Friday Fictioneers 03-15

Photo Copyright – Adam Ickes

The Accident, Part 2: Everglades

The police presence briefly spoils the Everglades’ natural beauty, but in the face of death, nature lives on. Alligator eyes watch. A heron perches nearby. Detectives Stuart Leale and Henri Archer linger over the man’s body, speculating.

“Looks like the work of the Everglades Butcher,” Detective Archer says. “No I.D. without the fingers or teeth.”

Detective Leale squats beside the man, attempting to regain his composure. Furious, he says, “Trust me. This is a copycat.” He nervously scans the boardwalk, troubled by the fact that the woman’s body he dumped here last night is gone, replaced with her husband’s.

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42 thoughts on “The Accident, Part 2: Everglades

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  2. I agree this stands alone, but it is so much richer when you know more about the background. This could be the start of a novel centered around Stuart told in 100 word sections!? I’d love to read it.

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