The Accident, Part 1

He searches his face in the mirror and smirks at his 58 years of hard-earned wrinkles. They are reminders. Stuart often relives his ingenious triumphs, but lately, one in particular feeds his ego; that defining moment his brother Charlie died.

Charlie was their favorite, their golden boy, their reason to live. After he was born, Stuart was forgotten. His resentment festered.

“Charlie’s so smart, much smarter than Stuart,” his mother always said.

“Finally, a perfect child,” his father always replied.

Climbing onto the shack roof was mostly Charlie’s idea. Stuart never touched him. He merely jiggled the plank and watched as Charlie lay broken on the ground. “An accident,” they said. For Stuart, there have been 34 accidents since.

The door to the restroom squeaks open. “Detective, there’s been another murder that fits the pattern,” says his captain.

Stuart washes his hands and replies, “I know. I’ll be right there.”

This 150-word short story was written for the VisDare photo prompt, Ingenious. You can check out the other stories by clicking on the badge:


I wrote Part 2 of this story for Friday Fictioneers photo prompt. You can read it by clicking the link below.
The Accident, Part 2: Everglades


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