Six Stories with Six Words: Fire

I’m on fire! Well, at least my six, six-word stories are on fire, and by that, I mean they’re actually stories based on the word Fire. Once a month, on the 6th, Adam Ickes posts a writing prompt containing six words, and it’s our mission to write up to 10 six-word stories using one or more of the given words. This month the choices were: Weather, Fire, Pain, Pleasure, Ink, Purple.

Obviously, I chose Fire. I may have taken a few liberties in my interpretation of that word, but I’m not known for being predictable. I hope you enjoy these six smoldering tales of rage, rejection, and ridicule.

They All Fall Down

Lined against the wall, guns blazed.


Domestic Arson

His raging tongue scorched her self-confidence.


The Rejected Writer

Hot prose now doused with doubt.


Truth in Advertising

Single female. Slightly burned. Damaged ego.


Christmas Party Romance

The office gossiped. Their ears burned.



They fired him. He returned fire.

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19 thoughts on “Six Stories with Six Words: Fire

  1. I agree with Adam, we can all relate to prose doused with doubt! And disgruntled too was very well done. This happens all too often

  2. Loved truth in Advertising. Years ago, My friends and I discussed what it would be like if everyone wrote their “real” personal ads. Each tiny tale had its own jewel.

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