Learning to Dance Again

Some of you were probably expecting a continuation of The Accident serial I started a few weeks ago. I’ve decided to take a break and write something new this week for the Friday Fictioneers photo prompt.

While some of you might be disappointed, others are likely relieved that they don’t have to be burdened with multiple story parts. It was getting difficult to effectively write a 100-word story with a beginning, middle and end, while continuing the plot from the previous weeks. Plus, I don’t think I was being fair to my readers. We all have busy lives and limited time to read.

With that, now that I’ve planted the seeds of murder in your minds, I’m going to work on a longer version of the story. Detectives Leale and Archer and the mysterious Copycat will emerge in the future and all will be revealed.

Thanks to those who read and comment each week. Your feedback, compliments, and likes are appreciated more than you know.

Now on with the main event (aside from this lengthy intro, my story is 97 words this week.)

Learning to Dance Again

“We met here. Remember, you asked me to dance,” I said, savoring the moment.

“And you said, ‘No!’”

I smiled. “Just the first two times you asked, but you wore me down.”

“You used to tell people you loved me at third sight.”

I closed my eyes, let the gentle wind caress my face, and the street celebration ease my mind. I reached out for his hand.

The music faded. The lights dimmed. The dance died.

“I miss your touch. How can I live without you?” I whispered.

“Let me go. It’s time you danced with another.”

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63 thoughts on “Learning to Dance Again

  1. Oh this was bittersweet…and quite lovely too.
    If I may offer one correction/suggestion: “Loved me at third site”…”site” should be “sight” in this case, right?

    • Thanks, Sandra. I’m so glad you stopped by. I know a lot of people don’t like serials. I struggled with that and the people who seemed to love them. I try not to disappoint my readers, but one can never make everyone happy.

  2. Love at third sight! Fabulous. (using Hala’s suggested correction).And then letting go. I felt like you took me on a long journey covering the course of a romance and in only 100 words.

  3. Freaky how similar our stories are. Even down to the “I miss you” phrase. Mine originally read as “until next time”, but I changed it. It made the story more emotional.

    Even wierder that our birthdays are a day apart. Aries do indeed Rock!

    • It is freaky! I think the photo inspired a lot of tragic love stories this week. I usually don’t write love stories. The last four weeks were filled with serial killers/murder on my end. I was trying to mix it up a little. Thanks for reading.

  4. Lisa, as you know, I’ve had a serial with my Marjorie in heaven story… I never set out to do a serial, but it just called out to me. It’s been interesting the past 2 weeks, reading all the comments about not liking serials (or simplistic deaths, or mindless twists, and a slew of other things); I’m not sure I will continue mine either. I can easily see yours as a longer story, though, and I hope you’ll stick with it. This was a very bittersweet, lovely story. Nicely done!

    • Thanks, Dawn! I’ve read your serial and enjoyed the afterlife of Marjorie. I also remember it was published on Tipsy Lit. Is Tipsy Lit correct?

      I’m not opposed to serials, but like others, I think it’s hard to keep up with them sometimes. I found it increasingly difficult to write a 100-word story each week that was complete and also incorporated some aspect of the photo prompt. I felt the need to explain my primary characters back story each week, plus tell a new story. It just wasn’t fitting together, so I’m going to take what I’ve written and make a longer short story. (That’s an oxymoron.) I might try to get it published rather than put it on my blog. That is, of course, easier said than done. I was glad that some expressed their dislike for the serial and others wanted more. It helped me to come to a decision. I like to know the truth about how people feel about my writing.

      Last week was kind of wild on FF. I think some feathers got ruffled, but at the same time it’s good to air some grievances once in a while. I mostly stayed out of the crossfire. I say continue your story if you want to and if you’re not feeling it any longer, end it.

  5. Lovely and sad. I thought this was beautiful.
    As for the serial – I’m afraid I skip serials when I’m reading FF – I feel a bit mean doing it, but FF is all about the standalone tale for me. And this one was expertly executed 🙂

  6. when i saw the dialogue in italics, i had a feeling it was going somewhere.

    i’m going to take a moment to be selfish here because your story brought me to a little bit of a realization. when i first started FF, maybe two years ago(?), my stories were about bad things happening to people. things lurking in shadows, ready to pounce, maim, etc. nobody ever got hurt, but i set it up that way, and the story ended just before the pain arrived.

    then, after a good run of that, my stories were mainly about spirit-like situation, exactly like this. i remember one about soldiers in iraq, and at the end we realized they had all died the previous day. and one about a dying man, succumbing to being lost, cold, dehydration, and writing a note to whomever might find his body.

    then i stopped for a long time, recently started again, but with stories that are trying to be more introspective, more about reality but maybe questioning the motives of reality. as i said, taking a selfish moment because this isn’t really about you, but it is about how reading your story reminded me of something i forgot – artistic evolution.

    it’s like when people hear a new song, and someone says, “eh, no thanks. i like that band’s old stuff.” i’m sure you’ve heard that before. but those statements are unfair to artists. we can’t expect someone to stay the same just because that’s what we like. artists have to evolve, grow, try new things. otherwise, we’re just re-writing the same story.

    of course i’m not trying to suggest that you have done that, nor anyone else. this is just my thanks and my way of letting you know that you inadvertently reminded me of that.

    happy friday.

    • I’m so glad my writing made you reflect so deeply. I take that as a great compliment, and you are not being selfish here. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

      I agree that writers have to evolve or their writing loses its luster. If you’re not happy with what you’re writing, most of your readers won’t be happy either. Some people don’t like change. I’m still trying to learn that I can’t please everyone, all the time, and I can’t make everyone like me or my writing. As far as my subject matter, I do try to write a variety, but I seem to eventually go back to the doom, gloom, tragedy, death thing. I have to work on that happy ending thing that I’ve heard so much about. But, I like to think my writing has evolved a bit over the last eight or so months that I’ve been blogging. Prior to posting short stories on my blog, I was basically writing for myself, which I find slightly depressing. I didn’t even let my family or friends read my stories. I’ve come a long way.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting. Happy Friday to you! May I add, It’s my birthday today, and I’m not getting a damn thing done.

  7. bittersweet is the perfect word for it.. the last line really got me. good decision with The Accident. like i said, you have something great going on with that story. and there’s no need to keep limiting yourself with 100 words. i hope it develops into a novella 🙂

  8. I made it, Lisa, and I’m so glad I did. I love the feel and execution of your story. We were channeling the same ideas this week, I think. Lovely!

    As for last week, I think those things needed to be said, at least most of them that I saw. It’s not that I don’t like the stories being told in all the serials, but I can’t keep up with them and sometimes they feel tortured when the story line has to be crammed somehow into what the weekly photo is. So my feeling is that people should certainly continue their serials, just not on FF. If it weren’t for the “complete story” stricture, it wouldn’t be an issue except for people not reading them from personal preference.

    Happy birthday and keep on writing and growing.


    • I’m glad you made it too. Thanks so much for the kind words and the happy birthday. The photo seemed to inspire love this week, love and sadness. I feel a bit relieved that I ended the serial. There’s much less pressure now that I’ll be able to write freely. I think it will make the story less disjointed and repetitive. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  9. Dear Lisa,

    I’m among those who will thank you for discontinuing the series as part of Friday Fictioneers. In the midst of 100 links, to try to keep up the continuing stories is daunting. Perhaps those who write serials could start a separate blog hop?

    Now that I’ve added my 2 cent’s worth…your story this week is as lovely as it is heartbreaking.

    Happy Birthday and shalom,


    • Thanks so much, Rochelle! I admire you for your dedication to Friday Fictioneers. The fact that you read and comment on every story each week is outstanding. I usually fall short. Thanks for being our faithful leader. I enjoy being a part of the FF community.

  10. What a bitter sweet story and I loved it Lisa!Great to be able to comment on your blog again-I was unable to for a few weeks in between-it kept giving me error,no idea why?Also love your new look and hey Happy belated Birthday 🙂

    • Thanks, Atreyee! For the kind words and the happy birthday. You were getting errors just on my blog posts? That is weird. I wonder what happened? I can’t seem to post comments on Blogger sites. I try and try and it only works about once in a blue moon. Makes me feel guilty, like I’m ignoring the other blog site stories. Thanks for visiting again. 🙂

      • :-)Yes,the moment I clicked on your post,I would be told no url found or something and the times I did manage to get in and read I was unable to leave a comment -it was so frustrating-I kept being taken to blank pages or told,”your comment could not be posted”-net sometimes really irritates!Glad that I could this time-keeping my fingers crossed that it will not happen again:-)

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