The New Muse

Friday Fictioneers 05-02

Photo © – Renee Heath

A year ago, the new edition of me, my sequel, entered the story. She slipped in between the sheets and became his fresh, eager muse. Desperate to thrill him, she was not daunted by his mythical desire to manipulate her character, to mold her with fictitious flattery and romantic, candlelit tales of happily-ever-after.

When she’s no longer able to inspire his imagination, he’ll place her dog-eared volume on his special shelf, next to me and his other silent muses. Each of us bookmarked with a lock of hair, his literary trophies, as our bones gather dust beneath his library floorboards.

Written for Friday Fictioneers 100-word photo prompt. You can find more stories by clicking on the badge.


37 thoughts on “The New Muse

  1. Wow, Lisa, what a beautiful, complex story. I keep oscillating between thinking the women are a metaphor for the books or the books are a metaphor for the women. I assume it’s the latter, but either way, great job.

  2. Dear Lisa,

    Her heart is an open book. Or in this case, a closed one. I’m with David trying to figure out if this is a literal book or a metaphor. Well done either way.



    • Thanks, Rochelle! I was going for womanizing serial killer who uses women as muses for his writing and then discards them. I might have been a little vague, but I’m enjoying all the varying interpretations of the story. 🙂

  3. There’s so much depth within your metaphors. I read this several times, gaining new perspectives. What creative insight into the life of a book. I admire your ability to write such vividly detailed and evocative stories!

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