Worth the Risk

Friday Fictioneers 07-11

Photo Copyright – Kelly Sands

They warned of an approaching storm, “a whopper,” they said. We’d seen our share of whoppers. “We can weather it,” I said.

As if on cue, the rain fell and the river rose.

Still, we could ride it out, withstand the brutality as the rain horizontally pounded our farmhouse and the river hungrily knocked at our door.

After the lifeline dropped to the rooftop, and I was airlifted to safety, I would repeat this story over and over to dampen the agony and guilt that raged within me. The local news would report my wife and daughter were never found.

This story was written for Friday Fictioneers; one hundred words based on the photo. If you would like to read the other stories, click on the badge:


24 thoughts on “Worth the Risk

  1. Very real, Lisa. I’m reminded of the guy who wouldn’t leave his home in the flood. At first a small boat came and he refused to be rescued saying, “God will save.” The river rose some more and a large Coast Guard boat came by. Still he refused to go. “God will save me,” he said. Finally, he sat on the roof of his house and told the helicopter, “Go on, God will save me.” After he drowned he asked God, “Why didn’t you save me?” And God said, “I tried. I sent two boats and a helicopter.”

  2. Lisa, Sad story. You hear of this happening so often. I’ll never forget the people near the ocean who threw a “hurricane party in a hotel.” The building was destroyed and them with it. Well written. —Susan

  3. Hi Lisa – Another good one! It always surprises me the responses you get to these stories! Don’t you think it says as much about your readers as it does about your stories? Love you.. Candy

  4. Evacuation from tragic storms such as this are crucial. BUT … one doesn’t know what one would do. I lived through several storms here in Florida including Huuricane Charley – where my daughter lost her home – and still can’t infatically say I would leave my home. I have way too many reason to list in your comments but you’ve opened up a box of thoughts about that in my mind.
    Great write …. enjoyed immensely. : )

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