Below the Surface

Friday Fictioneers 09-05

Photo Copyright: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

“Tell me the story again, Mommy,” begged Myrtle.

“Once more, then sleep, sweetheart,” Olive replied.

“There once was a sprout who tried to push out, but she just couldn’t find her way. She looked to the sun, but there was none, blinded by lazy haze. She called to the rain, but it fell in a blaze, so the sprout just withered away.”

“Mommy, will I ever see real plants and rain and sun and a bonfire under the stars?”

“Someday, when it’s safe outside, maybe we’ll discover a sprout up on the surface. Until then, we have our cyber-nature.”

This far-fetched tale brought to you by the Friday Fictioneers photo prompt. The challenge is to write a 100-word or less story based on the photo. I heard a rumor that today (9/4) is Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ birthday. Happy Birthday to our gracious host.

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Fighting for a Life

The cage was cramped and reeked of waste and wet animal. The attendants tried to keep it clean, but the filth piled up quickly with four animals to each cage.

Zagra, curled in the corner against the metal gate, trembled as she tried to nap on the cold, uncomfortable grate floor. The only warm pet bed Shelter Cagewas occupied by Chimera, the dominant female. They were all afraid of Chimera and chose to allow her the queen’s bed when she napped. It was wiser not to instigate a fight. If they were caught, the attendants might deem them hostile; a death sentence for most in this homeless animal shelter.

Chimera yawned and stretched her gangly legs. They protruded over the edge of her bed, stealing even more valuable floor space from the others. Still, none of them protested. They merely adjusted their positions to accommodate her. When Zagra unintentionally bumped Chimera’s leg, the ferocious female nipped at her, almost drew blood. Continue reading