In the Beginning

Star FlowerThis is my first post on Chronic Nonsense. You’re probably wondering about that name. Or not. I’m going to tell you about it either way. It’s a long, complicated story, so stay with me for a minute. It all started when I made it up on a whim. I put 30 seconds of thought into it and a soon to be star blog was born. Well maybe that’s a bit premature and arrogant. It might be more like a falling star that will burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere before it even has a chance to make an impact. It’s all up to you, my followers. I have lofty expectations, just as you should. Hopefully, I won’t disappoint.

Please follow me, make comments, tell your friends. Whatever happens, happens. I really don’t have all that much control over it, except for my words. In life, we are all at each other’s mercy. As my About page says, “Life is a random series of joy and sadness, magic and science, misfortune and luck, love and hate, much like this blog.”

If you’re wondering about me, I’m a writer, at least that’s what my degree says. I’m mostly published in the journal of my own mind, but I do have a few credits to my name. We can talk about that later.

Enjoy my blog. Come back and visit as much as humanly possible. And don’t give me that well-used excuse that you’re too busy, ’cause we all know that’s just something you tell people to make yourself feel better. I know the truth. You have time for Facebook, Pinterest and Candy Crush, you’re not all that busy.