The Uninvited Guest

Friday Fictioneers 01-16

Photo Copyright – Jan Wayne Fields

Cautiously, she peered through the doorway. If he caught her watching again, there’d be repercussions. Last time ended tragically. She was foolish, but her hunger was potent. After his dinner party, she’d pilfer for food, mostly scraps. Three guests meant plentiful leftovers.

She knew she shouldn’t linger any longer, too risky, but the doorbell rang early. Too late for her to hide, he turned, and their eyes locked.

He pounced quickly for such a big man, but she was faster.

As she slipped through the tiny hole in the wall, the man roared, “Filthy mouse! I’ll catch you next time.”

This story was written for Friday Fictioneers 100-word photo prompt, of which I haven’t participated in for a couple of months. I thought I would start my first contribution this year with something quirky from an odd POV, and no murder. Well, I guess there might have been a mouse murder at some point prior to the beginning of my story, but I’m not counting that.

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A Time for Escape

Benny was tired of playing the same old inside games with his toys. He wanted to explore the beach, longed for an adventure. His mom wouldn’t allow him to take his toys outside, especially the beach. She said they were expensive and might get lost or broken.

But he had already decided today was his day to escape, to prove her wrong. He put his favorite toys into a backpack and slipped out the back door without notice. The beach was only a short walk through the tall sea oats.

Barely able to contain his excitement, Benny unzipped the backpack, placed his toys side-by-side on the sand, and said, “Come on you silly toys, let’s play.”

Suddenly, the toy named Soldier screamed, “Run! Escape!” and raced for the water.

Doctor, Teacher, Firefighter, and Nurse sprinted after Soldier.

Benny curiously watched and taunted, “Ready or not, tiny Earthlings, here I come.”

It’s been too long since I’ve written for my blog. Over the last few months I lost focus and motivation; too many distractions in the real world. What little I had left to give was saved for other writing. I’ll try my best to post more often.

This story was written for the VisDare photo prompt at Anonymous Legacy. It’s my usual strange kind of tale and clocks in at 150 words per the writing prompt rules. I thought I would start 2015 out with my favorite style of weird fiction. How could I resist with this week’s photo?

Happy 2015 to all my followers and visitors. I’m determined to believe this year will be better.